Airfield Ground Lighting Cables

Unika is manufacturing Primary and Secondary for Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL Cables) with High and Reliable Quality, High Efficiency and Easy to install, increasing Safety and Reducing Costs on the lighting systems of the runways and taxiways.

Growth in demand for more frequent flights and growth in the freight and cargo services requires more and bigger runways.  To manage the most advanced Category III (CAT III) Instrument Landing System (ILS) operations and to be prepared for future growth more and more Airports prefer Unika AGL Cables with FAA Type Approval.

Unika is continuously developing new and special AGL Cables tailored for specific needs with its decades of experience.

Preferred and installed at many of the leading airports worldwide.

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Unika’s FAA approved Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) Cables

Primary AGL Cables

Secondary AGL Cables

Earthing Cables