UNIKA Marine Shipboard Cables

UNIKA Marine Shipboard Cables

UNIKA is manufacturing a full range of single or multi conductor Power Shipboard cables and wires, with or without metal armor/sheath.

UNIKA’s Marine Shipboard Cables’ portfolio covers Power, Control, Signal and Instrumentation Cables for every type of Marine Vessels, starting from small boats and catamarans to large Cargo and Cruise Vessels.

Marine grade electrical cables and wires with High Grade tinned copper conductors, XLPE insulation, Low Smoke and Halogen Free as well as Fire resistant.

Cables and Wires intended to be installed aboard marine vessels (commercial or military), boats and fixed and floating offshore facilities.

Cables according to IEEE Standards and with Type Approvals from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and ETL Listed and with High and Reliable Quality, High Efficiency, Easy to install, Light Weight and tailored for specific needs, increasing Safety and reducing Costs of the overall shipboard wiring.

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