Special rubber cables,
Adapted to TS EN 50525-2-21


Conductor : Bare stranded copper in accordance with IEC 60228 Class 5
Insulation : Cross-linked elastomeric compound, Type El 4 to EN 50363-1
Tape : Rubber compound (Except for 1 core, Use Polyester tape separator)
Amour : Copper wire braid min. % 85 coverage
Outer Jacket : Cross-linked elastomeric compound EM 2 to EN 50363-2-1

Technical Features

Operating Temperature : -25/60 °C
Rated Voltage : 450/750 V
Test Voltage : 2500V
Bending Radius : 4 x Outer Diameter

Design Guideline : Base on TS EN 50525-2-21
Flame Retardancy : IEC 60332-1
Impact Test : IEC 60811-1-4 (-25 °C)


In dry, damp and wet locations, also outdoors, for heavy equipment and tools, on construction sites in industry, open cast and deep mining quarry with heavy mechanical stresses in also railway systems. Agricultural equipment and systems, wind energy applications etc..